Aircraft Parts & Instruments for Sale

We’re clearing a little bit of stock at some great reduced prices.

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E Series Aveo Flash LP Aircraft Lights

Aveo Engineering – Be Seen Not Sorry – Installation Manual

Plus a single White Strobe Light

Opened, but NEW – Unused.


Lowrance LMF – 200 Multi Function Gauge

Advanced New 2 – 1/8″ Multi function gauge – Fuel Flow, Fluid level, Speed, Temp, Real time Graphic or digital

Opened, but NEW – Unused.


Lowrance AIRMAP 2000 c

“New big screen, 256-Colour TFT, Aviation Mapping GPS+WAAS

Opened, but NEW – Unused.


Aircraft Instruments

Altimeter (Falcom) $240.00

Manifold Pressure Gauge & Sender – New & Unused – $240.00

Vertical Speed Indicator – $170


Big Arse Aircraft Stickers

Numbers are $10 each or $6 each if you get 3 or more.

I’ve got all these massive sticker decals that we used as rego numbers on the underside of aircraft wings, and they’re just too cool not to see if anyone loves them as much as I do. So, may I present to you: The “Big Arse Sticker Co”. Which will last as long as the stickers do, and then curl up in a ball. A sticky ball.

There are various shapes, sizes, fonts and formats. Mainly in Bold, some in Italics, Just a big strong sticker. Stick it on your car, stick it in your hair, you can stick it anywhere! Big Arse Stickers*.  (It’s a lot better than a Sticky Arse).

They are approximately H: 39 cms x W: 23 cms So, like, as big as an A3 piece of paper.

Originally ordered for use as Registration Number on the underside of a wing on a Light Sport Aircraft Aircraft in Australia. BUT, don’t let their original intended purpose hinder your imagination! Door sticker, House Number, Birthday present, car number, class room name, favourite number, numerology, number of cats you like, express yourself. Heavy duty, durable, thick stickers. These things aren’t messing around – they’re designed to fly.

UNUSED – Brand New – Some wear and tear on packaging. Stickers in good condition.

#sticker #decal #number #largesticker #bignumber #font #boldfont #boldfontsticker #carsticker #cardecal #italicfont #design #numbersticker #bigarsesticker #bigsticker #fontdesign #registration #aircraftregistration #wingnumbers #underwing #armpit Will be rolled up to post. All care taken. Located in Ballina, Northern NSW, Australia. Pick up or Postage available. ***More big arse stickers to be posted*** Email through your Big Arse Sticker Requests.

Numbers are $10 each or $6 each if you get 3 or more.

Pocket Rocket - Green

Colour: Metallic Green

Featuring: Single seat, Heli-view windows.


Cuise Speed: 65 Knots

Range: 4.5 hrs @ 65 knots

Power Plant: ROTAX 582 – 2 STROKE

Optional Power Plant: ROTAX 912

Single Seat – Leather Upholstery

Useful Payload: 300 kgs

Wing Span: 7.3 Metres

We’re currently Registering this aircraft after refurbishment.

Please send your expressions of interest for this great little plane.