Australian LightWing Pocket Rocket – Single Seat Australian Aircraft

The Australian LightWing Pocket Rocket aircraft was designed with the enthusiastic pilot in mind. This is a plane made to Get up and Go! It’s compact design integrates the entire design of the Australian LightWing Aircraft into a small, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, easy flier. The high wing, heli-view windows and heat-formed acrylic windows as doors offer great visibility for farming, mustering, flight-training or sight-seeing. The cockpit’s framework consists of the Australian LightWIng’s signature pilot protection safety frame which is built to withstand loads way beyond that which you will experience in flight.


The complete leather upholstery on the Australian LightWing custom built seats and the centrally located joystick will have you flying in comfort.
This aircraft has been through a complete factory refurbishment, bringing her back to “as new” quality and style. The metallic green paint work on the fabric based control surface wings and aluminium body, shines with excitement in the sunlight, awaiting your next fly. She is currently hangared in Ballina at the Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport awaiting her next owner.
This is a great first aircraft to get your solo flying hours up designed for short field manoeuverability. Join the Australian LightWing flying community with this fantastic aircraft.
Elaborate aircraft can be expensive. No vehicle is “simple” in the true sense of the word, but the more complicated the aircraft, the more it’ll cost to maintain. Retractable gears, expanded avionics, extensive insurance to name a few. However, don’t think that a simple aircraft won’t give great advantages. The Australian LightWing Pocket Rocket simple and sleek and delivers incredible utility to many applications for pilots in the Australian sky.
Think before you import your aircraft! Buy Australian for complete Australian service, back up and repair. We have local know-how and we speak your language!! We are completely Australian designed and made and after nearly THIRTY years in the Australian Aviation industry, we really know our stuff! Support Australian companies. Keep your dollar where it counts.

PRICE: $17,000 PRICED TO SELL – CALL +61 (2) 6686 8658

SPECIFICATIONS: Rotax Grey Head 582, “E” Type Gearbox,
REGISTRATION: 19: Homebuild
FEATURES: Short Field Manoeuvrability,
Factory Refurbished, Farming, Sport or Leisure,
Great First Plane!
STANDARDS: Single Seat, Tail Wheel, High Wing, Leather Upholstery
Please call us for more information.
Australian LightWing Pocket Rocket Aircraft Information

Australian LightWing Pocket Rocket Aircraft Information