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This utterly stunning, awaiting your desired customisations; Factory Built Australian LightWing SP2000.


Your new office in the sky is the perfect luxury aircraft, spacious, comfortable, and keenly awaiting your introductory flight.

Our aircraft are designed to be versatile, the strongest and safest aircraft you’ll fly, and designed to handle Australia’s harshest weather conditions. Wether you choose to fly for work or leisure, we know you’l be happy to join our community of Australian LightWing Aircraft enthusiasts.

Featuring our signature Variable Inflight Pitch Propellor for ultimate fuel efficiency and speed.

Speed and Range:

Cruise Speed: 100 Knots

Range: 5 hrs/500nm @100 knots

Wing Span: 8 Metres / 26.7 ft

Aircraft: SP 2000 + SP 2000 TD
MAX GROSS WEIGHT 600 kgs / 1,322 lb
STANDARD EMPTY WEIGHT 398 kgs / 870 lb
USEFUL LOAD (PAYLOAD) 202 kgs / 451lb
USABLE FUEL CAPACITY 118 L / 31.7 gallons
FULL FUEL 120 L Wing Tanks

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