In the application for a building permit, I recently visited the  website titled:

Richmond River Flood Plain Management Study, 2010“*.

In this study our city fathers, or the NSW government, presumably under the management of our previous leader, is using as a basis for planning, that by the middle of this century ocean levels will have risen by  approximately half a meter and by the end of this century, the study predicts a rise of one meter.

This is bad enough in itself but also adding two things: this has not been widely published and secondly, it is being used as a basis for council town planning for future coastal subdivisions into the future. This is ludicrous.

I believe quite firmly that a build up in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a bad thing and I believe it should become every business’s and individuals priority to address this problem, in both their business activities and their daily lives. That is: a reduction in the amount of carbon output that we all generate, however – I don’t believe that  such a build up will result in such an outrageous rise in ocean levels.

If this prediction, however, is correct, and it is based on irrefutable data, then the fact that our government  is keeping it tucked away in insignificant reports, such as this one, defies comprehension. If ocean levels are to rise by one meter, the consequences for life as we know it, on the East Coast of Australia, in  particular, will be catastrophic.

Major storm surge protection will be required in the form of Holland style engineering dykes; storm surge gates will be required on all of the rivers on the east coast, and in general terms, if we don’t start planning, real engineering solutions to this NOW, we, or our children, and their children’s children, are going to be severely  compromised, and will not enjoy the lifestyle that us baby boomers have enjoyed over  our lifetimes.

Far more importantly, is the emphasis that must be placed on reducing the amount of carbon production by every single person.

We believe that the solution to possible climate change problems in the future, is in individual companies developing innovative products and services that are carbon neutral or assist in the removal of carbon from our atmosphere.

Designing future coastal subdivisions will not be of any use, if they are simply underwater. Engineering storm surges gates may be a good option. But reducing each and every persons carbon emissions has by far more positive outcomes.

Flood predictions of The Northern Rivers. NSW Australia


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