Sport Pilot Magazine Editorial: Hughes Engineering JULY 2017 News Update

We have a range of Australian LightWing aircraft available for immediate sale on the showroom floor and we are offering exceptional deals on these single, two seat and KIT aircrafts as we simply don’t have the floor space to keep up with our orders and projects. If you’ve ever considered purchasing an Australian LightWing aircraft, now is the time to check out what is on offer or place your aircraft in line for your personalised recondition.

It is with great sadness, that we at Hughes Engineering formally acknowledge the passing of our incredible CEO, Howie Hughes, who lost his battle with cancer in 2016. During our difficult time of grief, we have been deeply comforted and overwhelmed by the outpouring of calls and messages, offering sympathy, admiration and respect.


To put it simply, there will never be another Howie. In the Aviation Industry, he was an innovator, designer and engineer, but he was also an architect, writer, poet and musician. In every area of life, Howie was an unrelenting force of creativity and inspiration.

The list of projects Howie started and brought to fruition are too numerous to mention, but suffice to say his mind worked at a prolific pace. We have barely had the chance to maintain his online presence, which included up to date reporting on his many and varied projects via the Australian LightWing website, his blogs and social media.

We have therefore, regretfully concluded that we cannot possibly hope to fill these enormous shoes. And though it would have been fun to see a line of flying dinghies or flying electric folding cars, you can no longer expect to see these produced in our workshop anytime soon.

We are however, fully committed and equipped to continue focussing our exceptional skills and extensive knowledge on Australian aircraft design and manufacturing, as well as aviation refurbishment and repairs. This knowledge and expertise encompasses every individual design point of every single aircraft we have ever manufactured. Our team will also continue to welcome and support our dedicated community of Australian LightWing owners, pilots and local aviation enthusiasts.

Our New Office

We have spent time creating a new office space, which reflects the more specific direction our company will take, and we are currently orchestrating the 2017/2018 calendars around refurbishments, new orders, and manufacture of our in-house designed Variable Inflight Pitch Propeller.

We now share the space in our industrial precinct with the award winning design team, LJ Signs, alongside the growing hub that is Ballina-Byron Gateway Aircraft. Please make our airport and factory part of your next journey on your way to your next fly-in or event.

Check in online via our website or social media, or pop in and say hello. Our growing Australian LightWing Community has and will always be our most valued accomplishment.


Nick Hughes

Hughes Engineering

Phone: (02) 6686 8658