Learn to fly in Tasmania with C.F.I Peter Reed.

Skyflyte Aviation provides a great service with their flight training school in Wynyard (160kms north-west of Launceston in Tasmania). The company also provides services such as aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales as well as offering help to relocate aircraft around Australia for new buyers and sellers.

Skyflyte Aviation offers training in two aircraft, The Lightwing GR912 and the Foxbat A22LS. The Australian LightWing GR912 is a Taildragger which enables it to be used in short and rough field operations. It is a great Bush Aircraft handling rough strips far better than Nosewheel Aircraft. It uses the famous Rotax 912 80 HP engine and has dual controls. Pilots completing their Pilot Certificate in the Lightwing will automatically be endorsed with Low Performance and Tail Wheel Endorsements. This aircraft features in the Australian LightWing Aircraft Database; (Manufacture #116) Here. Find out more about this aircraft at the Australian LightWing website.


The Skyflyte Flying School has many great innovative techniques designed to help the student get the most out of their lessons whilst on their journey to becoming a safe and proficient member of the Australian aviation community. Initiatives include using a GoPro camera to film each lesson so the students are able to clearly recap and study their lessons. Students are also required to practise approaches and landings on various airstrips, public and private, to sharpen their skills. Check out some of the footage from a landing on a farm local to the flying school. We find this footage to be truly superb and conveys the joy of flying! Love that turn just before the touchdown!

Skyflyte Aviation proudly presents each of their students on their website when they reach milestones in their training. We at Australian LightWing would also like to pass on our congratulations to the happy pilots! 

You can also check out some great footage of the beautiful terrain which the flying school enjoys! And we thought we were in the prettiest place in Australia! Just goes to show, we live in a beautiful country!

If you’re in or near Wynyard, or visiting Tasmania, and at all interested in learning to fly as a full time or part time student, be sure to contact Peter Reed and get along to Skyflyte’ Flying in Tasmania Flying School and have a lesson!

Gift Vouchers are also available!