Customised Hand Rails

Customised Hand Rails

Customised General Engineering design and manufacture in Norther New South Wales. Welding, Fibreglass, Paint work and more. Bring your ideas to life. Get a quote for your custom Engineering design today.

It goes without saying that Hughes Engineering has an incredible range of capabilities. From aircraft and aviation manufacture and design to boat building; from electric cars to computer software, we have packed a lot in to thirty years in the engineering and aviation industry, fuelled by our passion to create high quality products and innovative creations.

As an Engineering Company we are approached daily to undertake many small and large projects. And if we don’t feel we are the right people for the job, we’ll be sure to send you in the direction of the right place.

We know what we can do, and we know everyone in the neighbourhood as well. We’ve always been extremely community minded – we’re a small business – we didn’t do this alone!

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