What’s happening at Australian LightWing today?

With the last month of the financial year roaring up upon us we are building new tooling for a folding seat for both the Australian LightWing and the Roadie.

We are also doing flight-testing on the SP 2000 with a view to generating additional data for fitting a Superior 180 hp engine to our two seater. And when we do this, stand back and watch it go!

With the six seat project, The SP 6000, we are about to take delivery of the Castec Reduction Drive from Castec located in New Zealand.

Also Peter Petroni has now completed out three-blade 84-inch diameter carbon fibre propeller in Bundaberg.

The marriage of our V8 LS3 Chev engine (450hp), our castec reduction and our new propeller will be very exciting in terms of speed and performance for our six seater aircraft.

So we are eagerly looking forward to marrying these three items together after this happens.

The engine will be taken to Brisbane where Motec will fit a dual electronic ignition system to the engine.

The return of floatplanes may be on the cards!

We may be fitting a GR 582 with our traditional amphibious floats and making a splash on the Richmond River in the coming months.

Keep an eye out for this coming up soon!!!

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