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Passion for Poetry

When our CEO, Howie, isn't running around thinking about, doing and making a million things, you might just find him in his office letting his mind wander for a moment to other things he's passionate about Australian Bush Poetry. Check out this youtube, on our...

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Road-E Specifications

More Information on the Road-e can be found at the website HERE. Road-e Features 100% Electric Power Supply 100 amp hour Lithium Iron Batteries. 90 Volt DC Speed Control Kelly Controller Dashboard and Avionics 17.8 centimetre digital touch screen providing speed,...

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Innovation & Inspiration

We here at Hughes Group are constantly on the lookout for like-minded projects, similar in design or innovation to our aerodynamic and ultra lightweight Electric Vehicle "Road-E Car". We are very much inspired by this small handful of projects in particular, so we...

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Love Soda Water? Save Plastic Bottles.

On collecting a 10-kilo carbon dioxide cylinder from our local BOC supplier the other day I did a quick calculation as to how many litres of fizzy water this cylinder would produce. A very interesting calculation as my guess is about a thousand dollars worth. A bottle...

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Little Plastic Bottles

How can i possibly live my life without leaving a strew of these little plastic bottles after me everywhere I go? I was recently lucky enough to be able to fly over to the USA from Australia for a holiday, and thus I journeyed, as much as I could, staying at places...

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Organic Waste Collection Services….

I have just received a super friendly and slightly confusing letter from my local council, stating our area is going to start an organics and garden waste collection service because our local dump is quickly filling, and we need to do something about it. I agree. I am...

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Carbon Emissions= Water Levels Rise.

In the application for a building permit, I recently visited the  website titled: "Richmond River Flood Plain Management Study, 2010"*. In this study our city fathers, or the NSW government, presumably under the management of our previous leader, is using as a basis...

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Save money and stay hydrated!

Remember the old soda siphons? Those quaint little glass bottles usually encased in a wire mesh cage, no doubt in case of explosion. Well way back when, these were the primary method of getting fizzy water for either soft drinks or to mix with spirits. >>>...

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