Capabilities: The PR BREEZE

The PR Breeze KIT Aircraft

From spinner to tail wheel, every component has been designed with safety, economy and high speed construction in mind. The welded steel pilot protection The Australian LightWingthe safest in its class. The cabin layout provides excellent all-round visibility and weather protection.


The Aircraft

The PR Breeze is an open aircraft for the pilot that likes the feel of the wind in his or her hair. It can be built as a 1 or 2-seater with a build time of less than 300 hours. Its apprearance is the same as the aircraft shown above, however the aircraft has no rear fuselage covering.

The wing construction features a unique and massive 4″ diameter high tensile aluminum tubular main spar; fibreglass ribs slide on to self-align. This ingenious system enables the wing kit to be framed up in a day. The Rotax 912 is the optional power plant, adding extra reliability and fuel economy.

Please contact us for details of the NEW PR Breeze, a single seat version of the PR-582.

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