Our Roadie Electric Car has reached the point where its time to fit internals including seats dashboard etc.

Terry and Nick have so far done a great job however the seats the selection of seats was limited to those available from the larger after market automotive supplies and we found that these were all far too large to fit in to the Roadie.

At the same time we have always had a demand for a folding seat in the SP2000 and the SP4000. More so the SP4000 in other words a seat that fold forwards and allows access to the rear seat area for either baggage in the case of the two seater or people in the case of the four seater.

So some time ago we bit the bullet and started to develop fibreglass tooling for this seat. Terry made the first fibreglass mouldings and since then a couple of changes have been made resulting in a very neat pair of mouldings for the base and the back.

The seat flops forward as you would expect , its all been a bit a of a headache its all been very fun to develop this very complex piece of fibreglass tooling which consists of four fibreglass moulds.

More pictures on the way!

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