The White SP2000-S

Two Seat, Low Wing, Nose Wheel

New Aircraft Includes Signature Variable Inflight Pitch Propeller



Two Seat | Low Wing | Nose Wheel

Featuring: Accessories Plug, Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Electronic Flap Switch, Elevator trim Wheel, Fuel Gauges x2, iPad mount, Manifold Pressure Gauge, Micro Air Radio, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, RPM, Strobe switch, VSI, Water Temp.

Power Plant: Rotax 912 S

Additional: XCOM VHF Radio

Optional: Cert. of Airworthiness


Cruise Speed: 118 Knots

Range: 5 Hours/500nm @100knots

MTOW: 600 kgs

Full Fuel: 120 L Wing Tanks

Wing Span: 8 Metres

Aircraft Length: 6.5 Metres